Problems With Casinos


Many casinos use customer service strategies to encourage gamblers to spend more. These perks, known as “comps”, are meant to reward customers who spend more money. In the 1970s, Las Vegas casinos were famous for offering free show tickets, complimentary buffets, and discounted travel packages to attract customers. The strategy was to increase the volume of people coming to Las Vegas, which in turn increased gambling revenue. A comp is simply an item that is provided without charge, such as a drink or snack.

Many casinos use tricks to lure people in, such as maze-like layouts with a variety of gaming tables. Some casinos even have “catwalks” in the ceiling so surveillance personnel can view the casino floor from above. The catswalks feature one-way glass so that the surveillance personnel can see who is on the casino floor. The casino’s surveillance systems have largely succeeded in preventing crimes. Nonetheless, there are still problems with casino security.

Another common problem for casinos is excessive alcohol consumption. Alcohol consumption and a lack of windows distract players from their goals. Additionally, free drinks are available, which can impair judgement. Although most gamblers know about the house edge, they often misunderstand how much it affects their money. The house edge is a measure of how much money the casino makes, and the higher the percentage of it, the higher the house edge. The casino is therefore incentivizing gamblers to consume alcohol and cigarettes in order to attract the big bettors.